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Aerial Capital Group is an Australian transport logistics company operating the capital's largest fleet of passenger vehicles including hire-cars, taxis and shuttle buses. Aerial also provides associated specialist transport services to support owners, operators and drivers. Aerial also provides communication services with regards to commercial call centre services as well as telecommunications sales, service and maintenance through Servitel, a wholly owned subsidiary. Aerial Capital Group provide transport and communication services to Canberra and the surrounding region.


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New Customer Callback Feature for Drivers

Drivers of the Silver Service Canberra, Canberra Elite and Qe Taxis fleets are now able to make phone contact with their customer while a booking is active. 



By calling the Aerial base on a dedicated phone number, Aerial Fleet taxi drivers will be seamlessly patched through to their existing customers contact details.

Please be aware that personal contact details of taxi drivers and customers are kept private and not shared with either driver or customer when phone contact is made. 

Some of the benefits of this service include helping drivers to locate their customers and also letting them know that they are waiting.

Strict customer service rules apply to this driver privilege.


Public Disclosure | ACT taxi plate data (Oct 2015)

In the interests of open public disclosure Aerial would like to publish ACT taxi plate data (Oct 2015).



We do this following requests from various social media contacts (Facebook, twitter). Twiterati have been answered directly but Aerial publishes this data to ensure a wider distribution of this information.


ACT taxi market – Total taxi plates 358

Perpetual plates – 217

Government Leased plates – 141

Government leased plates on the road working – 95

Government leased plates returned to Gov. i.e. not working – 46

Taxi plates allocated to Wheelchair taxis (WAT) and on the road – 26. All Gov. leased plates.


ACT taxis are typically double shifted 24/7/365. Taxis provide a full service to Canberra with an average time to pickup of less than 5.5 minutes.

Aerial’s network fees equate to 10.6% of the average fare. Ridesharing commission varies between 20 to 30% of the fare. This is typically more than twice the service cost charged by taxi networks in Canberra.

Taxis in the ACT cannot legally surge price.

ACT Taxis do not charge booking cancellation fees.

Travel spending in Canberra took a major hit from the 2012 GFC. Airline travel decline (2012 – 2014) into Canberra is the best example of this expenditure downturn. Taxi business since 2013 is showing annual growth in real terms.

Ridesharing impact on taxi business as of early Nov. 2015 is being assessed.

Aerial report actual taxi workload and performance data monthly to the ACT Gov. This data will also be published monthly on Aerial’s website.


Taxi Plates Information Pack

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Shares Information Pack

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Taxi Plates Lease Information Pack

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Canberra Elite have been providing taxi services to the ACT and NSW region since 1957. You will see our fleet working hard from Civic to Cooma and Barton to Bungendore.
Silver Service is a prestige taxi fleet offering quality of service based on luxury sedans with professional and courteous drivers. The Silver Service fleet has developed a strong base of corporate clients.
Canberra Hire Cars provides luxury transport to Canberra and the surrounding region with the largest fleet of hire cars in canberra. We do the all the little things to make your journey as pleasant and relaxing as possible.
Busme fleet have different size buses to service the need of group travel.